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how do you unlock whimsyshire

how do you unlock whimsyshire

how do you unlock whimsyshire - How to get into WHIMSYSHIRE The Secret Cow/Pony level of Diablo III With Steps and Wiki/Video help Step One (Get all these items) How to Unlock the Secret Whimsyshire Map (Pony Level) in a quaint and fanciful map, you should try to access the whimsyshire map. To unlock Whimsyshire you ll have to pick up a number of secret items Black Mushroom � Tristram Cathedral, Act 1. Leoric s Shinbone 

how do you unlock whimsyshire. Full guide how to get The Staff of Herding Taking you step by step trough everything you need to know how to get the crafting materials needed to craft a Staff of  It is also possible to get the Whimsyshire layout in a Rift, with normal monsters from elsewhere in the game. They tend to look very odd on the  Home / Diablo 3 Secret level Whimsyshire - How to make Staff of Cave level 1 (Random event to unlock cave, not rare) Gibbering Gem - Act 3  This is simply a post about Whimsyshire… Hello All, I would like to start off this post by saying “This is not a How-To tutorial” for unlocking the  Unlocking Whimsyshire requires a Staff of Herding, which can be crafted at the blacksmith for 50,000 gold and requires the following items . Whimsyshire is such a cute and cuddly name for a land where killer unicorns exist. It almost seems like a paradox, but it works. Here s how to  Diablo 3 and Whimsyshire The Land of Killer Unicorns - page 1 at According to the Diablo 3 Wiki on IGN, here s how you can unlock this  18 May 2012 - 6 min - Uploaded by GameFrontThis video covers all of the steps involved with creating the Staff of Herding and using it to open to Diablo 3. Read on for gameplay videos and instructions on how to get there. Welcome to Whimsyshire, the land of… My Little Pony Indeed, Whimsyshire is supposed to be equivalent to an Act 4.5 in . you need the hell staff to get the Inferno one, and Inferno whimsyshire is 

Diablo 3 III Unlock Whimsyshire - How to Enter Secret Cow Level Guide Staff of Herding Ingredients rel 0. Click here to open in youtube if embedding is 

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